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As you saw above, my name is Charbel Ngeti. I'm thirteen years old. I was born in Kenya. I'm a patriotic citizen in my country. I school in Loreto Convent Mombasa and I'm in standard seven.


I live in Mombasa, Kenya. I really try to balance my school life with my work life. I'm an extra-ordinary boy who tries to live an ordinary life. I never like my work life getting the best of me.

  • Fullname: Charbel Ngeti
  • Date of Birth: April 21, 2006
  • Job: Freelancer, Frontend Developer
  • Website: www.charbelmedia.com/Charbel-Ngeti
  • Email: charbzngeti@gmail.com


I have skills in Web Design, App Development, Graphic Design & Video Editing. I learnt all these in an institution called 'Tech Kidz Africa' right here in Kenya.

  • 60%
    Web Design
  • 60%
    App Development
  • 70%
    Video Editing
  • 80%
    Graphic Design
  • 65%
    Web Hosting

I'm obsessed with making things, even more obsessed with making things better, like helping my friends do their coding for their websites by making it more fun so that they could understand better.

My specialty is full website strategy, design and development, making pixel magic in Photoshop and turning it into beautiful, semantic HTML & CSS. My interests, however, extend beyond the web and app design, I even love making designs for fun or for my clients. Mostly I'm on my laptop either watching a video on how to do a certain thing or playing games. When I'm not designing I'm either sleeping or hanging out with friends and family or doing some sports. Growing up as kid being motivated seeing others on all kinds of Social Media renovating the world with technology, makes me want to be the best with your support to inspire others. I will never give up on my dreams and neither should you, be yourself, be humble, be different and make a difference.


More of my credentials.

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Work Experience

UI Designer

2019 - Present

My Progress with Web Dev.

Right now I am doing more of web development. I'm trying to learn more about knew languages in coding like 'Node.js' & 'Sass'. My goal is to learn at least seventy percent of these languages.

Taking a break

Mid 2018 - late 2018

Relaxing & preparing for the holidays

After me being on the show called "KCB Lions' Den", I decided to relax from my work and clear my mind from all the hefty work and things that I have been doing.

Web Designer & Fame

Landing a client and getting fame

I was able to get a client who has a company called 'Gede Motors', she wanted a website which was an online showroom. After that, fortunately I was announced on the news. That is where I got more. To add on that, I was nominated for the show called "KCB Lions' Den". I was one of the first kids who got onto the show and actually got a sh.95,000 deal with them.


Primary Education

2013 - 2015 - current

Primary School

Currently, I school in Loreto Convent Mombasa but before 2015 I was still in Fairfield Academy. It's a primary school & nursery school. It is a school that its main target is for the pupils to learn about God and how to pray. Then, its secondary target is to excel in studies. It's a God fearing school that also has passion for co-curricular activities like sports.

Graduating nursery

2010 - 2012

Nursery - Primary

During this period I was in Nursery. I studied in fairfield academy. It wasn't a school that was as decent as Loreto but it gave me the beginners knowledge that I needed. I was the most hyper boy in my class. Some of my friends who knew me back then still say that I'm still hyper in many ways. I was generally a small boy when I was that young. I completed my nursery well and graduated to primary being the best in mathematics and I still am.

First class


First time I joined school

I was three at that time. I was so happy that I was able to go to school like my older friends in KG 2. I loved doodling tiny pictures along with the teachers, singing, counting and playing with the teacher. They were the best days of my young days.


What Can I Do For You?

Want a website, app, video or some graphics to be done? I can do the best for you. Each design better than the last one.

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Crazy Ideas

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Check out some of my works in the wide variety of skills that I have. I have made all kinds of designs on all kinds of platforms.

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Moi Avenue, Next to Yuasa Motors,
Jundani Building

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